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Dear Share,

I haven’t had the best of luck in California. I want to know if I make a big move to another state (New Mexico), will my luck change for the better? My birthday is 12-23-63.


Dear Jackie,

A move to the southwest does feel right especially between May and August. Be aware however, that true change begins within. You’re likely to do much in the way of soul searching all of this year and have a strong desire to follow your dreams. A new job in a different field or new environment beckons. Love is possible but curb a tendency to play the martyr or be too possessive. Good Luck to you!

Dear Share,

I was born February 17, 1960. Please let me know what feeling you get as far as when I will start my "World Travel". Also, where is the funding coming from?

Thank you for your time

Love, Kristine

Dear Kristine,

This is a big transition year for you and the first thing you’ll want to change is your attitude. Your mantra this year should be; "as above, so below" in other words, if you want the gods, universe or great pumpkin to work for you, you must be willing to work towards your goals here on the physical plane. Time to sign up for a foreign language class and look into some jobs that offer travel. A trip in October could open your eyes to new opportunities that will be available in 1998. You’ve got work to do, girlfriend, get busy!

To Share,

My husbands birthday is 11-24-55, mine is 1-24-48. Is Ed McMahon coming to us or do I need to rob a bank? How can I make my cute hubby happy?(Besides that !) His job is so hard and he goes to school Saturdays. I think its too much for him. We love it here in Hawaii and recently moved here to pursue our dreams of a better life.

Aloha, Sheila

Dear Sheila,

The cards indicated that this move was the beginning of a new cycle for you and your husband, they don’t necessarily indicate that it is a smooth cycle!

For everything you get you must give. The two of you can count on hard work with little reward for most of 1997. In 1998 you will start to see some financial gains. You had the Wheel of Fortune card in a strong position of the reading, meaning lots of what’s going on (or not going on) is karmic in nature… Translation: you’ll have to wade through it as best you can.

Advice: Don’t rob a bank, and do remember that you can’t make your husband, or anyone else for that matter, "happy". He’s a good man and is willing and able to make sacrifices for what he wants. There are signs of mental stress around him, can be very nervous, let him unwind, even wait on him if you must - (Did I say that?) Love can see you through this.

Dear Share,

I’m writing with a question from my friend. Her birth date is 2-19-54 and her husbands birth date is 3-18-50. How long will they be together?

Thank you! C. W.

Dear C. W.

These two need to concentrate more on each other and less on making money. They are both artistic and need their creative space but unless they rebuild respect and seek counseling, they’ll have a difficult year.. Money looks great but what a price they may have to pay!

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