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Dear Share,

My boyfriend of four years and I moved into a big beautiful house and now I'm worried about us having problems. Please let me know what you see for us in the future.

His birthday is 8-27-71, Mine is 12-23-63.

Thank you, A.M.

Dear A.M.

According to the cards, you already have problems. It appears as if your boyfriend doesn't want to marry and now that you've made a big financial commitment you may feel you need just that! Remember: when there's fear in the heart, love cannot flourish. It's time you examine what you really want and need now and make it fast - I see a possible pregnancy!

To Share,

Me: 5-10-34, wife: 1-6-42.

At 62, I'm living a mediocre life. Living with an estranged wife, can't afford to separate. Haven't been able to determine my place or purpose. Sometimes I wonder if I'm supposed to be here, kind of feel out of sync, know what I mean?

Unknower (such a word?)

Dear Unknower (it should be a word)

You are a spiritual man caught up in material and personal problems. You say you haven't been able to determine your place, it's sure not where you are now. If you don't change your circumstances, your health could be affected. Move; when your heart is at peace you're likely to find your path. Maybe the following letter will inspire you. Read on.

Hello Share!

My birthday is 1-24-60. I am immersed in my full time doctorate in psych program. Money is tight, yet I am working. My client is offering me a 6-digit job, however, I am trying to stay on my (exhausting) scholastic path. Am I headed in a favorable direction? I wonder if I am just chasing stars and should forget all of the nonsense and just work (it is hard to believe that in my heart). Any suggestions?

Take care, B.C.

Dear B.C.

You've come to the ultimate test… The temptation is money. You already know what to do but I'll remind you: Listen to your heart. You asked for suggestions, Here's two:

1. Quit whining

2. Hit the books

P.S. Chasing stars is preferable to chasing the almighty buck! Wish more people had your courage.

To Share,

Will I get a better job this year? Will I be in the same relationship?

My birthday is 10-5-68. My boyfriend’s is 10-13-67.

Signed "A"

Dear A,

There are strong indications that a new job is offered between June and September. The big money comes your way, however, when you start your own business (possible in the year 2000).

As for Love, it is lukewarm, at best. You may decide to move on next year. People born under water signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer) offer love and support.

Dear Share,

My birthday is 5-17-45. My current soulmate’s birthday is 5-30-46. My questions are: Financial, we seem to have just enough money to "get by" but we are not able to save any money. What's my job status? Health, asking about his and mine. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love light and laughter, "M"

Dear M,

In regards to your question about finances; unless you (or him, or both) are willing to further your education, money will continue to be tight. As for your concerns about health: you don't get advice from a psychic when it comes to health, call your doctor and schedule complete check-ups. I do pick up a need for the two of you to break a few bad habits. A question for you: Is "current soulmate" something like "present true love"?

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