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Dear Share,

I was born 9-18-68, my mate 9-4-58. What do I need to do to achieve my dreams? I hear my calling, but we are so caught up on "making ends meet" that it seems I will never get the chance to work on them. Will I ever be able to afford the job, that I would truly enjoy? I feel trapped! Your reply is truly appreciated!


Dear S.V.,

You are trapped! You and your partner got yourself into a big financial bind and now the lack of money dictates how you live your life. It's indicated that you give more than you receive in relationships (business or romantic). Never do a business with your mate, you work best alone and are good at details. The advice: Go without - cut back - start living within your means. No bankruptcy, please, it plays hell with your karma.

Dear Share

My birthday is 8-1-67, my husband is 11-8-66. Do I continue to work on this marriage, or will I find what I'm looking for elsewhere?


Dear J.,

Your husband appeared as the emperor in your layout. Indicating that he can be very controlling and isn't making the efforts you are to save the marriage. It's time to honor yourself and see your choices. It's a testy situation and it doesn't look like there are any miracles or knights in shining armor coming your way. You rarely find what you're looking for in externals - it's usually inside of you - seek counseling to look within - you'll see more clearly by September.

Best of luck.

Dear Share,

My name is Debra and I was born 10-14-62. I would like to know how things look for me in regards to life and money matter at this time and in the next couple of month? Will there be real happiness and success for me?

Sincerely, Debra

Dear Debra,

You had a majority of major arcana cards which indicates the universe is helping to lead the way. Trust and go in the direction that feels easiest. (No problem, you're psychic.) A big trip, or many short ones, can bring you adventures this year. As for finances, a new job or business looks like a good opportunity - this within four months! Make use of your executive and teaching abilities.

Hi Share,

I saw your column in the newsletter from Wellspring books, I am wondering if you could give me some advice about a few choices of men in my life. I was born 8-19-56. I am interested in one man 11-28-45. Another 1-12-60 and another 7-24-62. I am sooooo confused! They are all special in their own ways, I'd appreciate any insight you might have.

Thank you, L.

Dear L.,

The cards indicate that the Leo man shows lots of promise, but that love in general is "on hold". For now, why choose? Enjoy the differences and the learning these man can provide. You're right, they all are special - I'm sure my female readers are dying to know where you found these guys!

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