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Dear Share,
I don't know if it is time to call it quits in my current relationship. We don't seem to be progressing. My birthday is 08-27-71; his is 09-30-70. I'm tired of waiting.
Thank-you for your help, J.

Dear J,
What? You want me to decide if you should give your honey the old heave-ho? No way. I will tell you this, however - all indications point to the fact that you two have entirely different ideas about love and commitment. I also see other men (plural) in the cards coming in late this year. Hopefully this information will shed a little light on the subject so you can make a good decision.

Dear Share;
My birthday is 3-22-60 and my husbands d.o.b. is 12-20-54. We have 4 children between us by previous marriages and have been married for 2 years. We have a wonderful relationship. It seems that most of our problems stem from problems with the children and their other respective parents. Any advice on how to remain centered and not fall into the whirlpool of pitting one set of parents against the other and not putting my mate and myself at odds?
Thanks, She-Wolf

Dear She-Wolf,
The cards show you to be somewhat high strung and dictatorial so I can understand your nickname for yourself. On the other hand, your husband is a humanitarian and wants things smooth so won't always stand up to people (especially his ex)! All the adults involved need to get together for a meeting to work out a schedule (for visits, etc.) and for forming some clear rules of behavior (for you guys - not for the kids)! Put your egos aside and always be polite to each other, you are setting an example for the children - isn't that the most important thing?

I just came across the March newsletter from Chela and found your column in it. On a lark I am writing to you for help. I find it interesting that the column contains letters asking about finance, relationships, and one from a psych doctoral student. I am a psych doctoral student and my question involves money and my marriage. My date of birth is 2-4-46, my husband's 1-4-40. My questions are when will money loosen up for us, when will I really get going in my career, and what is in the stars for this marriage. I realize that this is only intended as entertainment, so entertain me, please.
Thanks, M.M.

Dear M.M.
You certainly made the right career choice, you are a natural healer. What you are working towards now will start to pay off in approximately three years. Until then finances remain pretty much the same. Both you and your husband are hard workers. The stresses placed on you because of that and additional outside pressures could put the relationship through some major difficulties in 1998.

Dear Share,
I was born 07-16-57. I am at a crossroads in my life. Working when I can on my passion - writing fiction screenplays and a novel. But responsibilities at home and in life in general require some steadiness with income and financial matters which are also of great priority to me. Have a number of business ventures about to begin as I have not yet broken into a professional writing career. I can move forward more aggressively with the businesses or hold back and work/wait on responses to existing writing works which are being considered by others. Wondering what you see?
Sleepless in Orange County.

Dear Sleepless,
An easy one for me: You were born to write, and you got the wish card.

Dear Share,
I am a Scorpio 11/14/55, my beloved is a Taurean 04/26/57, we both follow a spiritual path, and have many interests and shared past-times....I am constantly questioning his commitment - am I right to be so cautious ? - having had previous partners who let me down badly ?
Thank you J.V.

Dear J.V.
Most of us have had previous partners who let us down badly. What has that got to do with your Taurus fellow? The cards show you to be a bit over emotional and at times downright dramatic. He is a man deeply disturbed by disharmony. Not a very good combination unless you two work on communication. You are opposite signs of the zodiac, meaning you could teach each other a lot. Perhaps it's time to consider couples counseling. Good luck, you both deserve it!

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