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Dear Share,

My Birthday is 5-2-52. What's happening with my love life? It's nonexistent and has been as long as I can remember. Any advice for a

Lone Ranger

Dear Lone Ranger,

Your shyness makes you appear aloof. You want security but must look beyond appearances for value. There's a cycle change going on now and it's possible you'll meet someone romantic on a trip this year (A Libra or Cancer) You'll receive an offer of love in 1998.

Dear Share:

This year has been difficult financially and career wise for me and my husband. Also we have been working on having a baby this year. What do you see relating to these issues? I really don't know what to do about my career path. Please help! My birthday is 4-14-71 and his is 10-21-70.

Thank you.

Dear J.B.

The cards show a need to avoid impulsive behavior. Your energies are scattered and unreliable at this time. I feel a bit turmoil in your marriage - stabilize your relationship (and yourself) before planning a child. You are restless with routine. Your future work appears to be in a field where you are in service to others. Your humanitarian instincts are high.

Dear Share,

My D.O.B. is 12-25-67. I get the feeling that people who have passed on are trying to make their presence known to me, yet haven't tried anything too obvious, yet. Is this my imagination or wishful thinking?


Dear Nunira,

You are extremely sensitive to spirit activity and show a marked talent for Mediumship. This is a unique gift and should be cultivated. Find a good instructor, (the cards indicate a foreign man) and get going!

Dear Share,

My birthday is 7-8-70, and last June I left a one-year marriage to an abusive man. Any predictions on the future that lies ahead for me, in particular with my new boyfriend (9-4-58)? Your insight is appreciated.


Dear S.C.

You and your new man have a lot in common. You are both attracted to the arts and feel like kindred spirits. Enjoy the moment and don't try to direct the flow of the relationship. The universe is doing a fine job.

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