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Dear Share,

My birthday is 10.5.48 and my friends birthday is 6.13.50. We want to go into business together and have a few good ideas. I feel our ideas are very sound, I'd just like to know if we can work well as partners - I don't want to jeopardize our friendship for some extra income!

Thanks, Yolie

Dear Yolie,

Wow what a gem you are, your friend is lucky to have you. Lots of people will wage war with anyone (even with their families!) for an extra nickel.

Now to the question: Yes! Do it - you and your friend are well matched for a business partnership - you both have a keen knack for business and understand money. You share many creative ideas and are both interested in other cultures. You both also love to be on the go!

A question for you: is one of your good ideas import/export?

Dear Share,

Sometimes I feel a presence around me, I feel it is my grandmother. I'm part French Creole, Irish, Indian and African. I know these cultures are very mystical. What are your thoughts on this? My D.O.B. is 5-16-57

Love, Light and Blessing,


Dear A.B.

Go back far enough and every culture is very mystical.

Yes, I agree, grandmother is close - our grandparents are meant to be our spiritual teachers, this doesn't stop necessarily, when they die. I feel that your grandmother is very concerned with several abusive relationships you've been involved in.

It's time for you to search your soul and work on self respect. Love is not painful.

Dear Share,

My birthday is June 20. 1953. I have been dealing with my husband who has created chaos for my children and me for twenty years. His birthdate is December 17, 1948. We have been divorced since November 1995 but we still keep going to court over children, money and other unpleasant things. I would like to know if there will be justice soon regarding these things and if I can look forward not having go to court much more with him?

Thanks for help, C.

Dear C,

You two will settle things with the children this year, the only thing that can keep you in court after that is money.

Is it worth it?

Dear Share,

I need guidance on my relationship with my boyfriend (12-6-74). My birthday is 6-9-72. Sometimes I feel that we have something wonderful going and other times I don't think it is meant to be.

He has a lot going on in his life right now and I am trying to figure out what path to venture on as I am graduating soon from my university with a bachelor in psychology and I am trying to decide what to do about getting a job. Any ideas?

Thank you. A. Gemini

Dear Gemini,

The timing points to major changes in your relationship. It's probably coming clearer to you that you and your boyfriend are slowly moving in different directions. Bless what you had - look forward to what's coming.

I see a job in an office in two months and a new romantic possibility next year.

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