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Dear Share,

My bd. is 9-8-1964 I teach high school. This one student has had a profound impact on me as many things said about me by this student (that no one else knows ) are quite accurate. She says she is psychic & claims to see auras and says mine is a bright blue-green. What does this all mean? Is she having me on? Why do I feel more spiritual lately?


Dear Teacher,

It sounds like you just met what I refer to as a "lamplighter". A lamplighter is someone, that while passing through your life, lights that small spiritual spark deep within you. Lamplighters are not aware that they are lamplighters, so she is not, as you say, "having you on". A blue color in the aura means teacher, green, healer. Auras change with your emotions but this was your "vibe" at the time she saw yours. You feel more spiritual because you are now aware of yourself as a spiritual being. What you do with this awareness is up to you.

Hi Share,

I'm finally coming into myself in some new, beautiful, and trusting ways. I actually know and trust that everything happens in the perfect moment, in it's own time, yet can't help but be curious about what's happening in the romance sector of my energy fields. There is a lot of new movement in my system but questions still remain about this.

My birthday is 2-25-63.

Thank you for your feedback.

Shimmering Fish

Dear Shimmering,

Phew! Your letter reads like a true Piscean wrote it! Very Neptune! The cards indicate a lot going in your life at this time. Some very big decisions coming up - career changes, residential move, etc., decisions best made when you don't have to consider someone else. See how beautiful the universe works? There is no romance indicated in the immediate future. After you experience all the changes coming, (a cycle of approximately 1 years) write again.

Hi Share,

Greetings and salutations (5/9/72) me and my brother Roy (6/7/86) are in need of help. Roy lost his cat, his name is Snowball. He's been missing for a little over two weeks now. Roy wants to know if his cat will come home soon and we both are curious as to what we are destined to be in the future... love and light always.

Roy and Romeo

Dear Roy and Romeo,

By now Snowball is purring happily in his favorite spot, safe at home. For future reference - cats are never lost. They have acute "radar" and are even able to travel to other dimensions. (my theory only, of course!). As for you and your brother, you are amazingly alike in many ways. You are both energetic, helpful and dislike taking orders. Individually - you do well in social situations, mixing business and pleasure. Ever considered working at a resort? Roy is a bit more intellectual, he's likely to be attracted to teaching. The best of luck to you both.

Dear Share

My boyfriend and I are five years apart. I am older. I love him very much and we both believe in the spiritual life. His birthday is May 2, 1954 and mine is February 3, 1949. Is their hope for us to have many years of happiness?


Dear S-2,

In the words of my wise-all-knowing high priest, when 7 years ago, I asked a similar question: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" You two are "fixed" signs of the zodiac, wanting a guarantee. Love doesn't come with a guarantee. You can meet a special someone and still mess it up.

Love anyway. Just love. Love.

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