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Dear Share,

I am Leo on cusp of Virgo (8/23/60), my boyfriend is Sagittarius (12/7/69), currently we are separated he in Northern California and myself in Southern California on a 6 month 'vacation'. We still love each other very much and have been through a lot of hard times together. His family,

however' does not like me. I guess what I am wondering is if this separation is going to be permanent.


Dear Aer,

It's an old story. Your boyfriend "needs his space"...etc., etc. Be smart, give it to him and leave him alone. On his part, the relationship is over, he's ready to move on, (he already has!) Don't beat a dead horse - or in this case, centaur! Chin up, you're worth more and romance from an earth sign man (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) looks promising in 98 - 99. Meanwhile throw yourself in your work - it will pay off - literally!

Dear Share,

I gamble, okay? Please don't moralize. Could you give me some lucky numbers, or a system or anything at all? My b-day is 6-17-53.


Dear Lucky,

Obviously you're not living up to your name or you wouldn't ask. Oh well, here goes: If you're playing Lotto, instead of trying to guess what numbers are coming up, just pick some numbers and concentrate on them coming up. One of your lucky numbers will always be 8 because of the day you were born. It adds up to an 8 (incidentally 8 is also considered a money number). If you are playing the horses - I suggest purchasing the book, The Thought Dial by Sydney Omarr.

Dear Share,

Do you believe in love at first sight? My birthday is 2-27-60 and I just met a man born 4-12-61. It was instant. I will see him again in October when his band plays at the same club. Does he feel the same?


Dear Shannon,

No, I don't believe in love at first sight but I do believe in lust at first sight. The cards indicate that this man just left a very promising relationship. My feeling is he's not ready for love with you or anyone. Be careful.

Dear Share,

I think I'm psychic but I am not sure it's all good. Any down side to this? My birthday is 11-6-66.


Dear Mysty,

To be psychic means you are open and, therefore, quite vulnerable. You'd tend to be ultra sensitive to your environment and who you're hanging out with. Which means, you have a responsibility to be with positive people.

Drinking or drugs or being in a negative surrounding can have a terrible effect on you - more than on the average person. Guidance and developing your skills is important.

Be responsible and protect yourself and you'll have a rich and rewarding life - I've never experienced anything bad from having such a gift.

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