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Dear Share,

I'm going through a divorce and am wondering what my financial condition will be like when things are settled. Also, what do future relationships look like for me? I am a Sag. DOB: 12/5/60 - 1:25 a.m.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Dear P.K.,

It looks like touch and go financially until mid 1998. At that time wonderful opportunities present themselves in the way of investments.  As for relationships, you need a long break no matter how lonely you may feel at times. The cards show social activity highlighted at years end but a romance is not indicated. A couple of nice people enter your life in '98 & 99 but look for the "real thing" in the year 2000.

Dear Share,

You gave me a reading at the Renaissance Faire and so far everything you have said has come true. My boyfriend of 2 years left me 2 weeks after you said you didn't see him in my future. I am a cancer 7-18-69. - You told me to look for an earth sign man. Could you now tell me when to expect him and how long it will last?

Dee Dee

Dear Dee Dee,

For most psychics (myself included) TIME is the most difficult thing to predict. The reasons are: number one, time in the etheric (where we "pluck" this information) is not linear. Number two, time depends on you. When I give a forecast of time it means at the rate you are going now (at  the time of the reading). You, as an individual, can forge ahead and speed things up or lag behind, hesitate and push things way ahead. A full length reading will cover the next year, year and a half. A short mini "faire"  reading usually only covers the next 6 months or so. So your earth sign  man, for instance, would most likely make his appearance before the end of  November. As for how long it will last, that is also up to you. I believe you can meet with a wonderful opportunity and not recognize it for what it is. I can't count the times I've heard, "I like him but he's too nice" or "He's not my type".

If you don't know what love is or you don't love yourself it's unlikely you'll recognize or pursue the right person. In a nutshell - all a psychic can do is predict opportunities, what you do with those opportunities is up  to you. You have free will.  A psychic reading is like going on a trip with a roadmap. The psychic will   show you the pot-holes and the scenic routes. You chart your own course and speed!

Dear Share,

My birthday is 2-15-58. I'm so unhappy I don't know what to do. I'm married to a great guy and my job is okay but I feel so unfulfilled. I love music, play the piano and paint, I'm good with water-color. I don't pursue my hobbies because I'm tired and can't seem to find the time.
What's up with me?


Dear Juji,

First of all, have a complete health check up - the cards indicate you are very run down and this could lead to depression. Also, take a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement and bee pollen daily. Second, don't find time to devote to your interests - make time. Take two hours, two times a week to play the piano and / or paint. Doing something just for the enjoyment of it will enrich you and make you a more interesting and interested person. Don't get discouraged - you are way ahead of the game - you know what your talents are, a lot of people haven't a clue.

P.S. Since your job is just "okay" maybe you should consider teaching piano or painting. The year 1999 would be the perfect time to begin.

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