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Dear Share,

My current boyfriend and I have been having some problems, such as one minute he loves and needs me, and the next he seems a million miles away. My birthday is 9-4-75 and his is 7-13-60. All I know is that a change is coming. If you can help I would be greatly honored.


Dear Moingfhion,

1998 is a wonderful cycle for you. You will find it easier to release yourself in areas you feel limited. You'll be anxious to build on solid foundations.

If at age 37 your "boyfriend" is still sending mixed messages, he's probably a bit commitment phobic. It's his problem - don't make it yours!

Dear Share,

I have attended one of our classes and have been to two spirit circles with you. I enjoyed them very much. You told me I would be married by mid 97 that came true./ I am now wondering when or if I will have a child soon. My birthday is 7/2/66 my husband is 2/20/71.


Dear CN,

A child before the new millennium. Believe me that is soon enough! Meanwhile, enjoy your new hubby.

Dear Share

My D.O.B is 10/20/62; things seem to be going okay, but I'm continually worried about the future...worried that I won't be able to provide for my daughter, that I won't find the right guy, that my job will end. I've done fairly well for myself , considering, but will this ever end...?

Will all the right things happen at the right time?? ...


Dear J.N.

Thoughts have power. Worry can be destructive because we can create the very situation we fear. The study of Zen meditation could teach you to focus your thoughts. 'Till then practice living in the now. Realize that every moment is special and what you think now is what determines where you'll be in the future.

In other words- if you live each moment in the present the future takes care of itself.

Long ago I had the same problem of worrying about my future. I was solely responsible for my two children, house and car payments, etc.

A friend told me that 90% of what one worries about - never happens! Now that hit me right between the eyes! From that time on I devoted myself to enjoying my children and working hard. My life was, and continues to be, a joyous, ever-changing experience and I've never felt I missed a thing.

The cards show you to be a loving and thoughtful person. I truly believe you reap what you sow.

Dear Share,

I would love to see more letters on the advice page of your website. It seems that they are only updated on the new month and nothing in between. I thought maybe I could make this suggestion since I like to visit your website.


Dear JM,

If ever I clone myself I'll expand the column. Meanwhile thank you for visiting and I'm happy you enjoy it.

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