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Dear Share,

I am a 39 year old male, finalizing divorce of a 13-year marriage after a two-year separation. I have not dated for over 8 months to clear my head and stabilize my children's lives. I feel ready to reenter the dating world. What type of woman do you see me most compatible with, and is now the right time?

Dan (not my name)

Dear Dan,

How interesting to think you can get over a 13-year marriage and 2 years "on hold" in eight short months. The cards indicate you are not ready. It's time to establish your own identity, your own traditions. Continue to devote more time to your children, your hobbies, and your friends. There's a saying I love: "Instead of looking for the perfect woman, become the perfect man and she'll find you."

Dear Share,

My 5 year old niece is very psychic. Her birthday is 3/28/92. She has also talked about a past life. What do you suggest we do to encourage her to develop these gifts without sounding like we are asking her a lot of questions?

Hoping to hear from you,


Dear C,

You don't have to ask her a lot of questions - she's already sharing. You don't have to come up with answers - she'll find her own. Just be accepting of what she says and of who she is. Just listen.

Hello Share,

My birthday is 11/18/67. My daughter's father, M, born 4/22/70, is not a part of our lives right now because of certain issues he is trying to work out. That is okay, because I'd rather he had these things settled for himself before involving us, and I have my own issues to work out as well. I want a long-term, positive relationship with someone, but I can't shake the feeling that M and I are meant to be together and will be together again. I really don't know what to think or how to proceed, and I'm having a hard time reading into this situation - am I being objective? What are his real issues here? Also, the mother of his other two children, a Capricorn born January 1973, is an issue. Will she always be a problem or will that resolve itself, should M and I work things out?


Dear C.P.,

Run! (In the other direction.) Love simply isn't this complicated. Sounds like obsession to me.

Dear Share,

I work in a very busy environment, and I somehow fell in love with a married man in my department. We are not having an affair, we just have feelings for each other. Working here has become rather stressful. I love my job so I would not think of getting a transfer out. On the other hand I would not break up a home.

Please help me.



Dear P,

You did not include your birthdate, nor did you ask a question. As for your feelings for this man - GET OVER IT! (And read your last sentence 10 times out loud.)

Dear Share,

My question is if you see me with a child or children in the near future. My birthday is 7/2/66. My husband's birthday is 2/20/71. I have a feeling that I am going to have problems conceiving. Can you guide me on what may happen? We are now trying to have a child.

Thank you,


Dear hfac,

Take a class in knitting - it's Zen and will help you to relax. Also, the baby will need booties!

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