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Dear Share
I had the strangest experience when I looked into the mirror at home.
First all of the image of my body "disappeared" in what I can only
describe as a fog. Then all I could see was my face which appeared
"transformed" and very peaceful. I felt shivers racing up and down my
body and felt tired but exhilarated at the same time. I can only describe the experience as spiritual but puzzling at the same time. I have been able to do this since that first time but still don't know what it means and where to go from there. Can you provide some insight?
regards Smee

Dear Smee,

What you are doing is called "scrying". Crystal balls, mirrors and bowls of water are the most common devices used. Usually when your face transforms it is showing who you were in a past life. The next step is to find a good teacher to help you further develop your excellent gift.

Dear Share,
Having attended a few of your classes and 15 minute Tarot Card readings I am well aware of your accuracy and gift as a psychic. In a world where many frauds exist you are genuine and have a caring nature which allows people to trust and appreciate you. You are very busy these days and I have not had a chance to meet with you. I would like to know what I can expect for 1998, my birthday is 9/21/64. Thank you and I look forward to a meeting soon.


Dear SDG,

It's letters like yours that keep me striving to do my best. Thank you so very much.

As for you in 1998 - here's what I see: New career opportunities open up after April, perhaps something that involves travel. Love really heats up around June and July. In general, partnerships of all kinds are lucky this year. Sharing and cooperation will pay off.

Dear Share

My b-day is 07-13-54: Things have been quite "challenging" for me for
the last 2 years. Any relief in my future? If so, what do I need to do
to make it manifest? If not, what do I need to do to survive?

Thank you,
Waiting For My Ship To Come In

Dear Waiting,

True - you've been sailing some rough waters. Remember this - you can't control the tides but you can adjust your sails. In other words, outside "stuff" will always happen - how you react to it makes it positive or negative. When you begin to use your excellent intuition, mistakes will be rare.

Dear Share,

I've been dating a married man for 4 years. He tells me he is preparing to leave his wife and this will take time because there's lots of money involved. I gave him an ultimatum that was up at the end of last year but now I find I'm still waiting 'a little longer ' . Will he ever leave her? Does he love me? My D.O.B. is 12-21-59. His is 8-20-62.


Dear T.M.

The fact is, he is still married and did not meet the ultimatum deadline because money is the priority (not you). Ultimatums are useless unless you are willing to follow through! Now in answer to your question: according to the cards, if he didn't leave in 1997, it's unlikely he'll leave at all . Yes, he "loves" you (and her!). You need to decide if how he "loves" is good enough for you. Basically, what you have is half of a man, what he has is two whole women. The math sucks.

Now a question for you: How can you treat his wife with so little regard? How you treat other women says a lot about how you feel about yourself.

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