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Dear Share,

Do ghosts exist? Just about everyone I know thinks that their house is haunted. Can this be possible? This is not a personal question but here is my birthday, anyway.


Dear Lily,
Ghosts do exist but I personally doubt that they have nothing better to do than just haunt houses.

Most hauntings are actually the work of 'elementals' or nature spirits. These seemingly mischievous beings exist in other dimensions but sensitive people are sometimes able to feel or see them. Elementals often try to communicate to those in need by using their own element.

For instance: If your lamps constantly flicker off and on, you may have a fire elemental, trying to tell you to be more creative.

If your plumbing or roof leaks, a water elemental may be warning you of a relationship problem.

House drafty? Air elementals could be trying to tell you it's time to study something new.

If your houseplants aren't doing well or your home is often dusty, earth elementals may be telling you to watch finances. ( leprechauns are earth elementals, hence the pot of gold, etc.)

It's always a good idea to consider elementals first when strange occurrences happen in your home.

Besides doing the necessary repairs, it may be a good time to repair an area of your life. Here's the key:

  • Fire: creativity, spirituality and health
  • Water: relationships, love and family
  • Air: mental, teaching and learning
  • Earth: career, money.

To keep things in balance or to invite elemental helpers into your home, offer gifts representing their element.


  • Fire: a candle
  • Water: a shell
  • Air: a bell
  • Earth: coins

These items can be easily displayed on a small table in your home and can be quite inconspicuous to guests.

Many people feel a certain closeness to nature spirits that represent their own astrological element. You are Taurus, an earth sign, so gnomes or leprechauns may hold a special place in your heart.

Thanks for your timely question!

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