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Dear Share,

I am writing to inquire about my daughters love life and what the future holds. Her birthday is 11-4-74, his birthday is 6-7-74. Will they become a couple again and marry? Please advice in your column. I look forward to it every month.

Thank you, Angie

Dear Angie,

It's possible they will get together again but the cards show no indication of marriage anytime soon. This may be a good thing for your daughter as this man appears to be unstable and easily frustrated. Don't interfere, but encourage your daughter to circulate, she's bright and attractive and deserves someone who'll appreciate her.

Dear Share,

My birthdate is 7/2/66. I have some legal litigation coming up in early April and I am wondering how it will turn out. Can you give me some idea of this?


Dear J.M.

The legal situation looks favorable for you with some delay. Do watch your health, however - the stress from this has worn you down.

Dear Share,

I was involved in a religious cult for 27 years. My birthday is 3/13/46 and his is 7/15/50. I have a very, very good feeling about the relationship possibilities (he gets out of prison in 6 months - I had already planned to move near him in 3-5 months). But since I'm still a bit new about this intuition thing, I guess maybe I'm feeling a bit shaky. Can you tell me if you have any ideas about this - does it look like this could be a "happening thing" - or am I just wishful thinking because so many things seem to be falling together? (He's got a backer to help him re-start his business, and I have skills to help. I have always had a dream of working with my life partner in a business of our own, rather than for large corporations.)


Dear C.C.

Because you just came out of a cult and he is finishing up a prison sentence, it may feel as if you two have a lot in common. You made a choice to take charge of your life, now follow through with it. Do not hook up with anything (or anyone) for at least a year, with the exception of a good job. Enjoy your freedom, get to know the real you. This man reads as forceful and aggressive. You, as a rescuer! I smell big trouble! Please slow down and reconsider.

Dear Share,

I've broken off with my boyfriend for the third time in 10 months because of his affairs with other women. He wants another chance, says he really loves me. What should I believe? My birthday 7-5-73, his 4-7-71.


Dear K.D. What should you believe? His actions! Talk is cheap. There's two kinds of men, those who fool around and those who don't. He's got a lousy track record. I see much better prospects for you romantically and financially after October.

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