May 1998 E-Zine Issue

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Questions for consideration must be specific with date of birth. 
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Dear Share,

I keep getting "flashes" of information that seem psychic at times. I don't know if this is intuition or ego. Help! My birthday is 12-13-54. (Doubting) Thomas

Dear Thomas,

It's very positive that you are getting these insights. Stop analyzing and agonizing and get yourself into a good psychic development class. Check out local metaphysical bookstores to see what they have to offer. A course in divination may also be useful. Learning to work with a tool (cards, runes, etc.) will help you to focus and feel more in charge. With time and trust you'll be able to tell the difference between intuition and ego, it's only difficult when you first begin. Enjoy the journey.

Dear Share,

My birthdate is 7/31/70 and I've had conflicting feelings about a man born 11/25/70. I care about him and think he cares for me, but since we avoid talking about it, I'm not real secure about his intentions with me. Also is there a change in my employment, because I don't feel secure with that either. In fact, I don't feel too grounded about much lately. Is there anything you could tell me?

Looking for answers, California

Dear Looking,

Your man showed up in the cards so he obviously cares for you deeply. There, however, is a need for change in the relationship. (How about communicating about your feelings for each other - why are you two shadow - dancing?) If the two of you do not change how you're doing the relationship, it will likely end within 3 month. As for work, I see a class or apprenticeship allowing you more choices in the future. You don't feel grounded because you aren't directing your life. As one Leo to another, I urge you to take a few risks, what are you, a lion or a pussycat?

Dear Share,

My birthday is Nov. 26 1968. I work in an office and want to change jobs, but I don't know what to do, can you tell me?


Dear S.D.

No way will I take responsibility for your life. I can, however, offer suggestions based on your natural talents. Here's what I see: Routine really bores you, you're at your best when you're out and about. Since you have a profound love of nature and are artistic, something like landscaping may appeal to you. You also show promise in the field of education, you're intelligent and philosophical. Good luck.

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