June 1998 E-Zine Issue

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Dear Share,

In November, I broke up with my girl of 2 years. She made me very angry. She's tried to call me a few times and has written to me, but I screen my calls, and wrote her back a nasty letter. I feel very angry inside, but the truth is I miss her much. Should I forgive and forget, or keep on the road and never look back? I'm 9/21/77, she's 8/9/80.

Thanks, I.V.

Dear I.V.

I doubt you'll ever forget, you enjoy festering! Whether you forgive her and take her back depends on why you are so angry in the first place! People in a committed relationship or marriage need to have a very similar code of ethics or the partnership will never stand the test of time. If your ex has done something you feel is morally wrong, then it is best that you leave things as they are but please no more childish nasty letters! If, however, your ego is just bruised or she didn't live up to your unreasonable expectations, the two of you may need to forgive each other ! I know you truly miss her, you are very sensitive - but so is she. If you feel you want to try again, better hurry, she is in a positive cycle for love and romance this month and next - in fact, you may already be too late.

Dear Share,

I'm dating this guy right now. And its only been a month, but was wondering if you could tell me what you see about this relationship. My birthday is 1-12-75 and his birthday is 5-25-75. If you could please let me know what you see about this relationship or about him or me.

Thanks, M.C.

Dear M.C.

If it's been only a month, you do not have a relationship. It's thinking like yours that send men running. Just what is the big rush? If you are still seeing each other after 6 months, which I doubt because of your seemingly desperate attitude, write me again. Meanwhile slow down!

Dear Share,

I recently started seeing a man I work with, my birthday is 8/23/60, his is 12/13/68, we have a lot in common, in fact it seems we even think alike. We both feel that we may have had some connection in a former life, I guess I'm wondering if this will be a long term relationship or not. What are your feelings on it?


Dear R.M.

It is possible that there is a past life connection between you two, because it feels like there is a karmic tie here. Remember, just because you've had a past life with someone doesn't mean you are "soul mates" and you are meant to be together. Sometimes you're brought together again to clear things up and move on. In any case, this is a relationship of learning, and is valuable in that regard, so continue to pursue it. At some point you may wish to undergo a past-life regression therapy session with a reputable hypnotherapist to gain insights as to what your lessons from each other are.

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