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October 1998

Dear Share,

I started a business relationship with a man six months ago who's birthday is 3/27/68 and mine 10/14/62. He is very knowledgeable, good listener, observant and is a real independent hard worker. In the past he has had some bad situations occur between himself and other women. I sense that he is a very private person. However, I have a feeling that he finds me interesting, mysterious, intelligent, etc. and on various occasions have felt that he has become intrigued with my conversations and actions. He has somewhat opened up to me though I have not pressed for any information about his private life. Share, what do you feel are his feelings, intentions whether business or personal. Businesswise I feel that he has my best interests at heart. I'm just trying to get a better concept of who I am working with. Thank you for your time and consideration. Continued success to you now and in the future.

sincerely, A.T.

Dear A.T.

The cards say he's interested in business with a little hanky-panky. Be careful! There may be a real good reason why he is a loner and a very private person. Keep the relationship on a business level, other opportunities for romance open up for you this month. I predict a new love interest by the end of the year.


Dear Share

I have a great new boyfriend of 2 months and things seem to be going in the right direction. The problem is he is a racist and a tad homo-phobic. I have friends of all races and a gay man I adore in my life. I don't know whether to introduce him to them and hope for the best or what. Please give me your insights. My birthday is 10/2/58.

P.S. Dear P.S.

"Springing" your pals on your boyfriend could be awkward for him and hurtful to them. Talk to him about your friends and tell him how important they are to you and how you'd like him to meet them (One at a time, please). Prejudice is often fear and ignorance - if he wants the opportunity to overcome his negative attitudes, the relationship shows promise. If he is adamant about where he stands, the relationship doesn't stand a chance because shared values is one of the best glues for keeping a partnership together. The cards show him to be a good man who cares deeply for you but one who's led a somewhat sheltered life. My feeling is that with time and patience he'll open up.


Dear Share

My children have been living with me since I left their father in 1994 for several abuses against them. My ex husband has discredited me by paying off "experts" to say there was no evidence. It is now four years later and he is trying to take the children away because he has a new girlfriend and is trying to say that they would live better with him. He has hired the same "expert" to do another examination of the kids. I have fought against this "expert" but to no avail. I don't have money like he does. What should I do?


Dear Candy You do just what you have been doing, you continue the fight as best you can. You've provided a good home for your children even though you don't have the financial resources your ex husband does. I see stress and worry around you but no major change in your situation, I feel the children will stay with you. My prayers are with you, hang in there!

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