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November 1998

Dear Share,

I want to be a witch! My birthday is 10-25-83. I watch 'Sabrina, The Teenage Witch' and saw 'Practical Magic' I dress the part, read books and try to do spells but they don't usually work. I am really bored at school, and no one likes me. Do you know a good coven?


Dear Kyla,

I know of many covens but none would consider you until you are of age. Wicca is not just wearing lots of black and doing spells. It is a beautiful nature-based religion. I don't know what books you've read but I suggest: Positive Magic by Marion Weinstein and Power of the Witch by Laurie Cabot for a firm, true foundation. Until you are 18, I suggest you volunteer with an environmental group, learn to meditate, keep up your studies and quit doing "spells" until you are more responsible and properly trained by a priest or priestess.

Dear Share,

I have been treating myself holistically for a recurring health condition for nearly a year with little success. Any ideas when I can expect results? I was born 6-26-58.

Beside Myself

Dear Beside,

First, a question for you! Have you had a thorough check-up from a medical doctor? There's a possibility that you've misdiagnosed your condition. I feel holistic and traditional healing can work hand in hand and this is where I see the future of medicine headed. I sense your distrust and fear of traditional medicine but for a condition to last this long without some positive results is cause for concern. I urge you to get a complete check-up A.S.A.P.

Dear Share,

How do you stay positive in such a negative world?


Dear P.O'd.

If you mean me, personally, I simply do not share your view that we live in a negative world. I believe in karma and reincarnation and feel we are all in different stages of awareness. Spread some light by being kind to those in need, find a cause, do work you enjoy, stay healthy and open your heart to love, that's a start to a more positive outlook. I wish you inner peace and good luck.

Dear Share,

My birthday is 1-5-52. I'm in pretty good health but I travel on my job and find it hard to exercise, Is there one thing you can recommend - I warn you, I'm a little lazy.


Dear M.G.

Hatha Yoga!!

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