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January 1999

Dear Share,
 I have been studying everything I can get my hands on the past few years with the goal in mind to live completely in the light. I have recently begun having dreams in which I have come fully into my power and a oneness with the universe. Sometimes, there have been woman in my dreams who have been guiding me but I never know who they are. There is also magic involved and on one occasion, I walked through a veil of some sort. The thing I remember most about the experiences is the amazing feeling of oneness that I can't describe.  Is this something that is possible for me to achieve on a conscious, physical level?  Where do I begin?  Is there a teacher coming that can help me?   If possible, I would also like to know what you see ahead for me this year regarding love relationships...it's the one area of my life I feel is lacking.  My birthdate is 11-18-1967.

Thank you so much.  I enjoy your website very much.

Dear C.M.
 It’s not possible to live ‘completely in the light when you have a physical form…you’d be an angel! That you connect with your power when you are asleep does not make it less valid. What we assume are dreams are often visits to other dimensions. ‘Walking through a veil’ is symbolic of astral travel and for now your teachers (the women you encounter) are on the other side.
The oneness and all–knowingness you experience can also be reached through meditation, although it isn’t necessary to stay in that ‘space’ consistently. You obviously agreed, at some point, to play out this existence in a physical body, you therefore, have some great lessons to experience on the physical plane.
Love for instance, in about 2 years, and like you, he’ll be a spiritual being having a human experience.

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