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February 1999

Dear Share,
 You probably don’t remember me but I’ve had a few readings by you before at Weird Thrift a while back. your readings were so accurate ,you’re one of the best.  I just have a couple of questions if you could answer them that’s great!  I wanted to know about my outlook for me getting started with school or work this year also how my relationship with a certain person will be.  Their birth date is June 23, 1978. mine is 10-14-74.

Dear M.B.
 School and work looks good right now. Not only are you more directed than in the recent past, I foresee lots of interesting people entering your life in 1999.  Which brings me to answer your second question; Play the field this year, there will be plenty of romantic opportunities and the person you have your eye on is not ready for a commitment.

Dear Share,
 I want to know if and when I will have children. My birth date is 6-28-73.
Thank you.

Dear Hannabug,
Assuming you are in a stable relationship (the cards do not indicate this) the best years for baby or babies is 2001 & 2006.
Concentrate now on financial situation that shows up as very shaky this year.
Best of luck.

Dear Share,
 How do I connect with other people on the spiritual path? My birthday is November 2, 1954.

Dear L.J.M.
 We all have our own definition of what the spiritual path is and you didn’t mention what you’re primarily interested in.  In this issue of Nepenthe there are ads for Buddhists and Pagans and a list of metaphysical stores in four counties. Most of these stores offer classes and carry books on a variety of subjects pertaining to the paranormal and spiritual    including Christianity.   Break the rules! Discuss politics and religion with people and those that hold similar views may have some good ideas about how and where they formed their opinions.
 P.s. I don’t know if this is helpful or apt to confuse you, but I’ve always alluded to being a Catholic-Buddhist-Witch!  I do not believe in any one thing but I believe in the possibility of everything.

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