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March 1999

Dear Share,
I hit the big 5-0 this year and would like to do some minor cosmetic surgery. I’d like to have the dark circles under my eyes removed via laser and have my thin lips injected with collagen for fullness.
Here is my problem: my lover is totally against these procedures, says they are expensive and I am vain.  This from a man who just bought a flashy sportscar and is going off with a couple of chums to Europe for the month of June! My birthday is 12-27-48. His is 11-24-50. Who’s right?

Dear L.M.C.
There is no reason to discuss this. What you do with your money and your body is your business. The procedures you’ve described are reasonable and the cards indicate you are in excellent health and can expect a quick recovery.   Get referrals for doctors now and plan to have the work performed while he’s gone in June to avoid conflicts.

Dear Share,
 I wrote to you about a year ago, shortly after I started seeing a man I was working with and that I felt I had some karmic connection with. Well here we are almost a year later & we are still together.....my birth date is 8/23/30 his is 12/12/68. We are currently looking for a house together....and marriage has even crossed my mind, (after a bad marriage at the age of 19 I never thought I would even consider it again).  What do you see for us in the year ahead??

Dear R.B.
You are likely to be interested in socializing and developing some of your creative/spiritual gifts through classes or travel.
Your sweetheart is looking within for answers and maybe brooding about a work situation. The time seems premature for setting up housekeeping this year. Hold out till the year 2000 and prospects improve with a possibility of marriage.
       P.S. Your birthday indicates that you are 38 years older than your boyfriend. Unless this is a typo, expect problems with a major generation gap!

Dear Share,
I have had readings from you in the past at Weird Thrift.   It has been about a year, and I have a couple of questions.  I want to know   if the time is right to buy a house or build one.  Or perhaps I should just stay put for the moment.  And will there be a child on the way by the new millennium?   And if not ; when?     Thank you so much for your help.   Blessed Be,  V.T.  (birthday: August 4, 1971)

Dear V.T.
This is certainly a time when you feel anxious to put down some permanent roots, however you are also approaching your Saturn return, a major lesson time. To see how Saturn will personally affect you would require a progressed chart from a reputable astrologer (see Anita on page 3 for starters) according to the cards, the year 2001 is the perfect time for a new home and baby. What’s the rush?

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