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April 1999

Dear Share,
    My mom (2-22-49) and I (3-6-73) are locking horns. I live at home and take care of my personal responsibilities but she wants me to help with chores! I pay rent. What do you see?

Dear Patty,
    I see someone who doesn't want to grow up. At 26 you're way old enough to be out on your own. If you are apprehensive about living alone, find a roommate among your trusted friends. This is the perfect year for you to begin a brand new cycle, so get going! And, remember, wherever you live and with whomever, you need to do your fair share of chores. That is a fact of life. Good luck!

Dear Share,
    I'm often confused at psychic fairs. How does one choose who to get a reading from? My birthday is 5-31-70.
Thank you,

Dear May,
    This is an excellent question and one I've heard many times before. Hopefully I can guide you in the right direction.
    It's a good idea to exchange a few words with each psychic to get a sense of who you feel comfortable with. Pick up their literature and read through it, checking their background and experience.
    Know what kind of reading you want. Are you looking for someone who gives predictions or do you want someone to contact your spirit guides?
    Psychics usually use a method or divination tool to focus on during the reading, tarot cards, runes, crystal ball, etc.
    Keep in mind, however, the method is really not important. As the saying goes, "it's not the wand, it's the magician".
    Most psychics are proficient with a couple of divination tools but have their favorite, the one they connect with.
    For instance, I read tarot, crystal ball, cups and runes. I personally get the clearest information through the tarot so it's the method I most prefer. That does not mean that the tarot is the best form of divination. I laugh when I overhear someone say "oh, I don't trust the tarot cards, I only go to channelers" or some such nonsense, as if the cards are doing the readings! The psychic has the gift, the method merely provides a focal point.
    Psychic fairs or Renaissance fairs are an excellent place to "try out" a psychic as the readings are short and therefore inexpensive. If you like your experience with a particular psychic, keep their card in case you want to get a longer, more in-depth reading in the future.
    Don't worry if the psychic you like lives at a distance from you. An hour or longer session need only be repeated once a year or so. Also many psychics are available for phone or mail readings.
    Best of luck, at your next fair!

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