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June 1999

Dear Share,
    My husband of 10 years has recently joined a health club and lost a lot of weight. He bought new(hipper) clothes, works late and is talking of buying a sports car. Yesterday he informed me that he’s taking ‘salsa’ lessons alone. He’s short tempered with me and our 3 children.
    My birthday is 3-16-56 and he is 11-3-50. I had a dream that he is having an affair, what do you think?

Dear Lena,
    I think,
1. You should trust your dream

2. He’s going through mid-life crisis
3. You two need counseling A.S.A.P.
    In any case, your husband obviously is going about his own life with no thought to you and the kids. Time to sit him down and lay the cards on the table.
Yes, that means an ultimatum.

Dear Share,
    I need to do something with my life, I feel so unfulfilled. I go to work, raise kids (teenagers) and go to a church I question out of pure boredom. (It gives me a little social life.) My birthday is 5-17-60. Help, nothing is fun, anymore.

Dear G.M.
    Your life consists of interacting with others and this is fine but what do you do for inner peace when no ones around?
    Hobbies and interests give us dimension and fulfillment and often a purpose in life. A good meditation for you would be go back to when you were 5 years old and remember what you liked to play. When we are tiny we do naturally what is easy for us and brings us joy.
    As a child my favorite “toys” were marbles and a deck of playing cards. that certainly was a prelude to crystal balls and tarot cards!
    No one should attend a church simply for socializing. Take classes and join an interesting club. Connect with your spirituality in a new and different way. Read up on religions, visits the churches of friends, meditate, chant, try it all on for size. Trust your intuition more.
    Remember, you are blessed. You are on an interesting quest for a deeper meaning in life. You’ve come a long way already in that you refuse to live life like a soap-opera.
     Enjoy the journey

Dear Share,
    I’m a 56 year old man and want to start running with the idea of competing in a Marathon next year.
    My doctor says I am healthy but out of shape. My friends say I’m too old to start training seriously.
    My birthday is 4-17-43. What is your opinion?

Dear Max,
    Your friends are probably jealous, sometimes we teach others by setting a good example. Get a trainer to start you in the right direction and go, baby, go!
    P.S. Those born under the sign of Aries are never old!

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