Mercury Retrograde




Mercury Retrograde

by David Peden

In astrology the planet mercury governs written & verbal communications, siblings, perception, objective sight, and short distance travel. When Mercury goes retrograde, or goes in a reverse direction through the heavens, it can signify delays or difficulty in these areas. For example, letters can get lost in the mail, people might misunderstand what you are saying, or you may misunderstand them, the fine print on a contract that you are apt to overlook may have unpleasant consequences, and so on. Mercury is retrograde (it doesn’t actually move backwards, but it appears to from our perspective here on earth), about 76 days this year. Throughout the year mercury is retrograde four times, for approximately 20-24 days at a time.

A general rule during mercury retrograde is to avoid signing anything important, or making critical decisions, and be prepared that you may have miscommunications with others during this time. Plans may be delayed, and luggage may be sent to the wrong airport.

The approximate dates and degrees for this year are;

Dec. 22, 1996 - Jan. 11, 1997
(19° - 3° Capricorn)

Apr. 14, 1997 - May 7, 1997
(9° Taurus - 29° Aries)

Aug. 16, 1997 - Sept. 9,1997
(16° - 2° Virgo)

Dec. 6, 1997 - Dec. 26, 1997
(3° Capricorn - 17° Sagittarius)

Be sure you get your tax return in before April 14th this year, and get your Christmas cards in the mail if you can before December 6th. Check all your travel plans very carefully if you are traveling at Christmas time. Now, if you want to keep this discussion very simple, then stop reading this article now… However, if you have an avid interest in astrology, or if you don’t care much for simplifications, then read on....

Actually, since everyone’s horoscope is different, out of the 360 different degrees in a chart, your ten planets are at very specific locations. Consequently, as the transiting planets move through the astrological signs and houses, they effect everyone’s chart differently and specifically. Also, every country, state, event, investment, marriage, divorce, etc., has its own chart. That is why one country can be experiencing wonderful prosperity, while another is at war. Likewise, one person can be having the time of their life, while someone else is miserable. With retrograde mercury the story is the same. Mercury may be retrograde, but the question is; what relationship does it have at any time to your own horoscope? Whether you will experience the effects described above or not, depends on your own chart. Also, whether you will experience these results in your relationships, in your work, or while traveling, depends entirely on your own personal horoscope. The area of a person’s life that is going to be effected varies according to their planets’ relationships to the transiting retrograde mercury.

If you don’t know the specifics of your own chart, then it is best to play it safe during these times when mercury is retrograde. If you are considering doing something important during one of these times in terms of communication, travel, or contracts, it would be best to first consult an astrologer. You can reach me through Innersights at (949) 248-3862. May mercury be kind to you this year!

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