Fire Festival~Vernal Equinox




The Fire Festival of Vernal Equinox

by Dana Dunn

Vernal Equinox means, half green (vernal) night (equinox). The stirrings of spring, a time for the re-emergence of light. The sun now begins its process of re-emergence by growing and gaining in strength. Spring Equinox is basically a solar festival, the beginning process of bringing to balance light and dark.

This is a fire festival which is related to light rather than heat. Spring Equinox is equivalent with the Christian Easter, and by the way, Easter is named after a Teutonic goddess, Eostre. Early Christians used to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ during the same time frames as the pagan cultures.

Spring Equinox is the sprouting and budding of new thoughts brought forward from the womb of darkness, illuminating the consciousness through the first signs of new light. This is a time of resurrecting yourself from the unconscious womb after a period of rest and renewal (hibernation/darkness), through the process of being re-awakened by the first light. This is the process of regeneration.

By beginning this process of re-awakening in the light of a new consciousness, it is time to start gathering your seeds (or thoughts) within the womb of your mind, which will then spring forth new growth at Beltane (meaning May Day), which is April 30th. In short, Vernal Equinox is a time to start thinking about what you want to bring to fruition in the turning of the wheel.

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