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John has taken a somewhat non-standard path of study of Metaphysics and Occult Philosophy, having spent his first twenty years in the heart of the Bible Belt, followed by a career in the US Navy (Lt USN Ret.), serving his first seven years as enlisted, before receiving his Officers' Commission after receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University (BSEE 73). After retiring from the Navy he then spent the next twenty years working in Engineering Management and as a Consultant to the Semi-Conductor Industry. He has been involved with the Southern California Metaphysical Community since 1978 and has been teaching classes based on Theosophy, the Hermetic Doctrine and Occult Philosophy for twenty-five years. As a practical application of his studies, John developed the formulas and does the blending of the Maidenís Web Magical Purpose Oils line of blended essential oils.

John can be contacted at: john@mysticalmind.com


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