Never stand begging,
for that which you have the Power to earn.
~Miguel De Cervantes~

Hello Gentle People!

I believe that within all of us in the deepest part of our soul, lies a rare gift so beautiful and mysterious that it is feared by those who wish to deny it. But for the ones who were raised to appreciate this gift, it is embraced, for there’s this “knowing” that they can make a difference in life.

Born in a small village in the Philippines, youngest in a family of 9 children, I grew up watching my father as he used the phases of the moon to plan his activities, when to plant seeds, harvest the crops or just for when to go fishing. Timing is important, he always said, never pick a fruit prematurely or it will not taste right, referring to more things than farming.

It is insights such as this into the nature of life that I was exposed to in my youth, integrated with astrology, tarot, Cardology, and dream analysis that I have utilized in helping clients for almost two decades. My words are simple, gentle and non-condescending, but truthful and are given with conviction.

The use of candles, oils and/or herbs has also been employed in my counseling, most especially for Spiritual Cleansing. These are just tools to help keep your focus on your desired outcome. Although I choose to leave health related concerns to the medical professionals, I can provide answers in other areas of your life such as business/career, family and your love life.

If you have your birth information, (Date, place, and time if you know it), ready for when we chat, I can make use of this also in assisting you to find the answers you seek.

Please note, in my work there is no room for those who wish to bring harm to others, or intrude on others lives. I honor and respect others religions and philosophies and expect the same from those I work with.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be of service to you. Your feedback would also be much appreciated.

Keep sharing the Moonlight


My Profile:


Wife and Grandmother of three.


Initiated Priestess of the Old Ways.


Studied the Arts of Feng Shui, Pranic Healing and Reiki, as well as Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and Dream Analysis.


Owned and operated my own small business for over twenty years.


Involved with the local Metaphysical community for twenty-five years, sponsored numerous Workshops and Lectures for well known and respected lecturers and authors.


Have lived in the United States for thirty years, US Citizen for twenty-five years.




Business Management Major at Universities in Davao, Philippines and Southern California, lack two courses for degree completion


Certificate in Real Estate Sales

Remember to include in all of your  work the guiding concept of "And It Harm None!"

It is our belief that the value and use of the products that we carry in our store lies in their ability to enhance the practitioner's own energies and powers. We therefore cannot predict their effectiveness for others, or make any claims for their ability to bring about desired events.  We can only state that we have found them to be of value in our own work.

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