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The Science Of Metaphysical & Occult Philosophy
A Core Model of Reality for the Discipline of Parapsychology

John R. De Lorez

Ok, so you check your Horoscope everyday and schedule your life in accordance with the movements of the planets, light candles anointed with the proper oils, and/or carry a lucky stone in your pocket, and most of the time you feel that these actions bring about positive changes in your life. But do you know why doing this helps, or why it works fine on some occasions, but not on others?

Most of us have at least a rudimentary understanding of the law of physics of the everyday physical world, but the average person in this culture has little or no understanding of the laws of physics that govern the unseen portion of the universe, and how they impact our lives in the physical. It’s really not a difficult field of study, but it does require a major shift in the way we view what is popularly known as “Reality” (Reality is highly overrated anyway).

Course Outline

In the eight weeks that comprise the first half of this series, the student will be taken very quickly through the foundational material from Theosophy, the Hermetic Doctrine, Occult Philosophy, Quantum Mechanics and String Theory, necessary for developing a working model of the Universe and the life forms that inhabit it, both physical and non-physical.

In the eight weeks of the second half, the student will be shown how this foundational material can be applied to all aspects of our lives. 

The goal of this series is to assist the student in developing a personal model for the Universe by exploring some of the traditional models for the way the Universe functions, plus John's personal model which combines the traditional "Seven Planes" of Occult Philosophy with the ten dimensions of theoretical physic's "String Theory", that they can then apply to the events and circumstances of their own lives. The better we understand the world around us, both seen and unseen, the better our ability to function in (and out of) it.

Classes will follow the outlines provided below and will typically consist of two hours of lecture followed by a 30 minute discussion period.  Classes are scheduled on a every-other-week basis to allow the student time to review the handouts provided and assimilate the information. A recommended reading list is also provided. 

Due to space limitations, seating is limited, so attendance must be restricted to advanced registration only.  The classes are intentionally kept small to allow for closer interaction between class members and the instructor. For additional information please email John at john@mysticalmind.com or call Marcelina at 949-201-7639.

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