Course Outline
The Science Of Metaphysical & Occult Philosophy
A Core Model of Reality for the Discipline of Parapsychology

John R. De Lorez

Section One ~ Foundation

Class #1 ~ Cosmogenesis

1.      Religions and Philosophies as Models of the Universe

a.      What is a Model and what's it for?

b.      Advantages of Using Models

c.      Challenges Encountered When Using Models

2.      The Principles of Vibration and Rhythm

a.       Understanding Vibration and its’ Graphical Representation

b.      Forms of Energy & Matter in the Physical Universe

c.       Cyclic Nature of the Universe

i)        Conventional Science and the “Big Bang”

(1)   Before There Was Time

(2)   At The End of Time

ii)       Occult Science and Creation Myths

(1)   In The Beginning

iii)     Days and Nights of Brahma

(1)   Cyclic Nature of the Hindu Universe

(2)   Solar Systems and Planets Cycles of Evolution

iv)     At The End, Mahapralaya

Class #2 ~ Unified Model of the Universe

1.      Seven Planes of Existence

2.      String Theory

3.      Unified Model

a.       Ten Dimensional Space

b.      Synthesis of the Seven Planes Model and the Ten Dimensional Space Model

c.       Three Laws of the Unified Model

Class #3 ~ Anthropogenesis ~ Development of Life

Group Souls and Differentiated Life Forms

1.      Group Souls

a.       What are Group Souls?

b.       Hundredth Monkey Theory

c.       Energy Body of the Manifest Physical Body

d.      Seven Phases of the Energy Body

e.       Manifest Physical Body

2.      Differentiated Life Forms

a.      How do Differentiated Life Forms differ from Group Souls?

b.      Energy Body of the Manifest Physical Body

c.      Seven Phases of the Energy Body

i)        Physical Phase

ii)       Physical Plane Energy Body

iii)     Etheric Energy Spectrum

iv)     Chakras

v)       Etheric Phase

vi)     Astral Phase

vii)    Mental Phase

viii)  Kama Rupa Phase

ix)     Spirit Phase

x)      Monad Phase

Class #4 ~ The Life Wave & Human Evolution
An Eastern View

1.      The Self-Existent

2.      Root Races

a.       Root Races

b.      Sub-Races

3.      The 1st Root Race and our Decent Into Matter

a.       Refusal of the Elder Self-Existent to Inter Matter (Fallen Angels)

4.      The 2nd Root Race, The Sweat Born

5.      The 3rd Root Race, The Egg Born

a.       Intermediate Hermaphroditism

b.      Lemuria

c.       The Manasa (The pre-Adamite Races)

d.      Separating of the Sexes, The Fall of Man

6.      The 4th Root Race, Atlantis

a.       Development of Modern Man

Class #5 ~ Contemporary Life Form of an Incarnated Individual

1.      Energy Body

2.      Energy Body of the Manifest Physical Body

3.      Manifest Physical Body

4.      Prana/Chi/Vital Force

a.       Its’ Source

b.      Its’ Nutritional Function

5.      The Chakras

a.       Function

b.      Purpose

c.       Relationship to the Nervous System

d.      Attributes of the:

i)        Root Chakra

ii)       Spleen Chakra

iii)     Navel Chakra

iv)     Heart Chakra

v)       Throat Chakra

vi)     Brow Chakra

vii)    Crown Chakra

Class #6 ~ Planes/Dimensions Most Significant To Our Daily Lives

1.      Physical Plane/Dimension

2.      Upper Planes/Dimensions

a.       What Does “Upper” Refer To?

b.      Etheric Plane/Dimension

c.       Astral Plane/Dimension

d.      Mental Plane/Dimension

3.      Upper Planes as the Devachanic Kingdom

a.       Non-“Physically Manifested” Flora & Fauna

i)        Gaia – World Mind

ii)       Angels & Devas

iii)     Fairies

iv)     Elementals

v)       Etheric Phases of Physical Plane Plants and Animals

b.      A Hypothesis Regarding the Evolution of the Fairy Realm

i)        UFO Abductions, “Taken By The Fairies?”

Class #7 ~ Transition, Death & Beyond

1.      Process

a.       Awareness of Process

b.      Finishing Up Unfinished Business

c.       Dissolution of Focus

d.      Loss of Form

2.      Karma & Reincarnation

3.      Ghosts

a.       Discarnate Entities

b.      Elementals

c.       Thought Forms

Class #8 ~ Review


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