Course Outline
The Science Of Metaphysical & Occult Philosophy
A Core Model of Reality for the Discipline of Parapsychology

John R. De Lorez

Section Two ~ Application

Class #9 ~ Parapsychical Phenomena, Part 1

  1. Parapsychology, The Study of Parapsychical Phenomena

  2. Astral Projection

  3. Astral Travel Vs Mental Travel

    a.   Hazards

    b.   Benefits

    c.   Exercise

  4. Channeling

  5. Clairvoyance

    a.   Automatic Writing

    b.   Clairaudience

    c.   Clairvoyance

    d.   Dowsing / Pendulums

    e.   ESP

    f.    Psychometry

    g.   Remote Viewing

    h.   Scrying

Class #10 ~ Parapsychical Phenomena, Part 2

1.      Ghosts & Hauntings

a.       Human Presences

b.      Non-Human Phenomena

i)        Poltergeists

c.       Thought Forms

2.      Kirlian Photography

3.      Levitation

4.      Out-of-Body Experiences

5.      Pyrokinesis

6.      Telekinesis

Class #11 ~ Divination

1.      Why Do/Use Divination?

2.      The Occult Science Behind:

3.      Astrology

4.      Numerology

5.      Palmistry

6.      Psychometry

7.      Scrying

a.       Spheres

b.      Bowls

c.       Others

8.      Cards

a.       Oracle Decks

b.      Playing Cards

c.       Tarot Decks

9.      Dowsing

a.       Pendulums

b.      Rods

c.       Other

10.  Runes

a.       Sticks

b.      Marked Stones

Class #12 ~ Using “Intuition” or “Higher Self”

1.      Akashic Records

2.      Automatic Writing

3.      Channeling

4.      Clairaudience

5.      Clairvoyance

6.      ESP

7.      Trance Mediums

Class #13 ~ Health & Healing

1.      Holistic Treatment

a.       Body

b.      Mind

c.       Spirit

2.      Energy Healing

a.       One on One

b.      Distance Healing

3.      Treatment Modalities

a.       Acupressure

b.      Acupuncture

c.       Aromatherapy

d.      Aura Cleansing

e.       Biofeedback

f.        Biorhythms

g.      Color Therapy

h.       Crystal Healing

i.         Medical Astrology

j.         Pranic Healing

k.       Psychic Self Defense

l.         Reiki

Class #14 ~ Tools

1.      Crystals, Gems & Gemstones

2.      Essential Oils

3.      Herbs

4.      Lucid Dreaming

5.      Meditation

6.      Mind Control

7.      Music as Therapy


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